How to Repair Cracked Tablet Screens: DIY vs Professional Services

Tablet Cracked Screen Repair

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Tablets have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We use them for work, entertainment, communication, and more. But like any gadget, tablets can develop issues over time, especially cracked screens. Unfortunately, cracked screens not only look unsightly but can also impact functionality by disabling touch sensitivity.

If your tablet has a cracked screen, don’t despair. In many cases, cracked tablet screens can be repaired to restore full functionality. This guide will provide an overview of DIY tablet screen repair options vs utilizing professional tablet screen services. We’ll also explore common tablet display issues, provide cost estimates and warranty considerations for fixes, and outline what to expect during the repair process.

Assessing the Severity of Your Tablet’s Cracked Screen

The first step is determining the extent of damage to your tablet’s screen. Hairline cracks or minor fractures may sometimes be resolved with quick fixes like screen repair putty. But more significant cracks that impact touch sensitivity likely require full tablet screen replacement.

Inspect the screen for any visible cracks or scratches. Also, test for touchscreen responsiveness issues by trying to navigate apps and enter text. Take note of any dead spots or areas that don’t respond to touch. This can help you evaluate whether a DIY screen repair is feasible or if professional service may be the better option.

Cracked Tablet Screen Repair

DIY Tablet Screen Repair – When It’s Possible and Worth It

For minor screen cracks, DIY screen repair is possible using cracked screen repair kits. These kits contain the tools and replacement parts needed, like new Gorilla Glass or LCD panels. Many also bundle extras like screen protectors to prevent future damage.

DIY repair can significantly reduce costs compared to professional services. And instructions are included for replacing cracked screens on major tablet models like iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

However, DIY screen repair has risks. Damage can worsen if repairs aren’t done properly. And most DIY kits don’t come with warranties or guarantees. For anything beyond a minor crack, professional tablet screen services may be the safer choice.

Professional Screen Repair Services for All Tablet Models

For more complex tablet screen cracks, professional tablet repair services are recommended. Certified repair technicians have experience fixing screens on all major tablet brands and models. And reputable tablet repair shops offer warranties on parts and workmanship.

Professional tablet screen repair services also have the expertise to handle other issues, like fixing touchscreen responsiveness. This may require screen replacement along with touchscreen calibration to restore full functionality. DIY kits aren’t equipped for resolving sensitivity problems.

Many local tablet repair shops offer professional tablet screen repair services. Online services like CPR Cell Phone Repair also provide mail-in options for convenient fixing. Costs vary based on technician fees and parts but are still often less than replacing the tablet entirely.

Facing issues with your tablet not charging? A damaged charger port is often the culprit. Opting for a professional tablet charger port repair can save you both time and money, quickly getting your device back to optimal performance.

What to Expect with Tablet Screen Replacement and Repair

Once you’ve chosen either DIY or professional service for tablet screen repair, here’s an overview of what to expect during the process:

Initial Diagnosis

A technician will examine the extent of screen damage, testing for cracks, scratches, and touchscreen issues. This helps determine the necessary repairs.

Screen Removal

The cracked screen is carefully removed from the tablet body using specialized tools. This requires patience and skill to avoid damaging other components.

Installation of Replacement Screen

A new replacement LCD or OLED screen provided by the repair shop is installed in place of the cracked screen. Precision is vital to avoid functionality issues.

Re-assembly and Testing

Finally, the tablet is re-assembled and powered on to test for full touchscreen responsiveness and picture quality. Additional calibration may be needed.

The Costs of Cracked Tablet Screen Repair

Cost is often the deciding factor when evaluating screen repair options. Here are general price estimates:

  • DIY cracked screen kits – $50 to $250 range
  • Professional screen replacement – $100 to $350 range

Many factors impact exact costs, including tablet make and model, screen type, technician fees, and part costs. High-end tablets with OLED screens tend to be more expensive to repair.

Insurance may provide discounted repair costs by partnering with select repair shops. And costs for professional repair are still often less than buying a brand-new tablet.

Post-Repair Considerations – Warranties, Protection and More

Following screen repair, a warranty on parts and labor is important for peace of mind. Most professional repair services provide 90-day to 1-year limited warranties. DIY kits generally don’t come with guarantees.

A screen protector is highly recommended after repair to prevent future cracked screens. And be cautious about dropping your tablet or placing it in risky situations that could cause new damage not covered by the warranty.

Also, pay attention to any ongoing touchscreen sensitivity issues after repair. There may be a need for touchscreen calibration via your device settings to fully restore responsiveness.

Choose the Best Tablet Screen Repair Option for Your Needs

While a cracked tablet screen can be alarming, know that repair is often possible to restore normal function. Assess the extent of your screen damage and usage needs to decide between DIY and professional service. For minor cracks, DIY kits offer an affordable fix. But for more complex repairs, certified professionals are your safest bet.

With the right repaired screen and some post-repair care, your tablet can once again become the convenient gadget you rely on daily. Don’t hesitate to contact a tablet repair specialist if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cracked Tablet Screen Repair

Can I repair a cracked tablet screen myself?

Minor cracks may be fixable with DIY screen repair kits. However significant cracks impacting functionality require professional service for reliable repair.

How much does it cost to replace a cracked tablet screen?

Costs range from $50 to $350 depending on make/model, screen type, and professional vs DIY service. Insurance discounts may apply.

How long does it take to replace a cracked tablet screen?

A professional repair takes 1-2 hours including diagnosis. DIY fixes vary depending on skill level but typically take longer.

Should I replace or repair a cracked tablet screen?

If cracks are minor, repair is more affordable. But if the damage is extensive, replacement may be better long term. Professionals can advise the best option.

Will screen calibration fix touchscreen issues after repair?

Yes, calibration in device settings can often resolve any touch sensitivity problems following screen replacement.

Does tablet screen repair come with a warranty?

Professional services offer warranties on parts/labor. DIY cracked screen kits generally don’t come with guarantees or coverage. You can also opt for tablet protection plans to save on future tablet screen repair.

What precautions should I take with a repaired tablet screen?

Use a screen protector, avoid drops/damage, and don’t get the tablet wet. Follow any specific precautions recommended by the repair technician.

Can I get insurance to cover a cracked tablet screen repair?

Some insurance plans cover device repairs at reduced rates when going through select repair partners. Check policy details for coverage specifics.

How can I prevent future cracked tablet screens?

Use a protective case and screen protector. Also avoid drops, liquids, placing heavy objects on top, and overstuffing bags/purses where the tablet could bend.


Repairing a cracked tablet screen is often less costly than replacing your tablet entirely. For minor cracks, DIY kits provide an affordable option if you have the skill and patience for screen repair. But for more complex fixes, professional services deliver quality results backed by warranties and guarantees.

Whether you choose DIY or pro repair, be sure to properly diagnose screen damage, research reputable services, and take precautions to prevent future cracks. With some care and effort, your beloved tablet can be restored to full working function even after the trauma of a cracked screen.

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