AditiJuly 16, 2024

Addressing climate change has become a critical priority for businesses today. As part of this effort, measuring and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is essential. While organizations typically understand Scope 1 and 2


AditiJuly 12, 2024

Aquaponics, the symbiotic integration of fish farming (aquaculture) and hydroponic plant cultivation, is gaining traction as a sustainable and productive method of raising fresh, high-quality food. However, maintaining optimal conditions for

AditiJuly 11, 2024

For years, a persistent myth has plagued the world of architecture: green building is expensive. This misconception has deterred many from embracing sustainable design practices, but the truth is far more nuanced. In this blog, we’ll debunk the

AditiJuly 4, 2024

In a world dominated by concrete jungles and urban landscapes, humans spend more and more time indoors. While this offers comfort and protection from the elements, it can also disconnect us from the natural world.  This disconnect has been

AditiJuly 2, 2024

Cities are turning to innovative solutions in the fight for a more sustainable future. Two frontrunners in this battle are living walls and solar roofs, each offering unique benefits for eco-friendly building design. But with limited roof and wall