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Countries with highest Renewable Energy Sources

TOP 10

Relies on geothermal and hydropower for almost all electricity, tapping into geothermal energy on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Iceland (86.87%)

Major energy exporter, targeting 90-95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Norway (71.56%)

Leader in decarbonization, achieved 50% renewable energy by 2012, aims for 100% renewable electricity by 2040, targets 59% emission reduction by 2030.

Sweden (50.92%)

Generates electricity for 85 million consumers, expects significant investments in civil nuclear energy.

Brazil (46.22%)

Renewable energy success without subsidies, committed to a 30% emissions cut by 2030.

New Zealand (40.22%)

Aims for 70% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030, world leader in wind power.

Denmark (39.25%)

Relies on hydropower, targets 100% electricity from renewables by 2030.

Austria (37.48%)

Primary sources are nuclear and hydro (transitioning), voted to phase out nuclear energy in 2017.

Switzerland (36.72%)

Focus on nuclear, hydro, and bioenergy, working towards net-zero by 2035.

Finland (34.61%)

Leader in electric public transport, major user of hydroelectricity.

Colombia (33.02%)

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