Green Techpreneur 

How "Grow your own food" movement is a game changer

Select a prime location, be it a garden, raised beds, or even containers on your patio or balcony.

1. Choose Your Battle Ground

Equip yourself with a diary to mark the optimal times for planting and harvesting based on natural seasons.

2. Strategic Planning

Keep the excitement alive by planting a variety of fruits and vegetables for a continuous, diverse harvest.

3. Diversify Your Arsenal

Conduct a soil test to decipher its composition and choose your planting methods wisely.

4. Soil Analysis Quest

Boost your soil's strength with compost or organic fertilizers before unleashing your plant allies.

5. Enrich the Soil Power-Up

Level up your planting strategy based on your chosen crops, using seed trays for vulnerable varieties.

6. Sow Far, Sow Good

Master the art of watering to fuel your plants' photosynthesis and keep them thriving. Watch out for dehydration signs!

7. Water Wisely Mini-Game

Defend your crops against frost, pests, and invaders with polythene, fine mesh, or chicken wire.

8. Cover-Up Armor

Hone your harvesting skills—some crops prefer to linger, while others demand swift action.

9. Timely Harvest Quest

Savor the victory of enjoying fresh, homegrown, and incredibly tasty food!

10. Epic Enjoyment Achievement