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Trend to Watch in 2024



a. Blockchain boosts carbon credit trading accessibility, facilitating sustainable financial practices.

Climate Fintech Innovation


b. Digital banking and fintech reduce transactions' environmental impact, aligning finance with sustainability goals.

a. ESG disclosure becomes essential, providing transparency beyond finances, fostering investor trust.

ESG Disclosure Dominance


b. Corporate accountability evolves with standardized ESG reporting, shaping responsible and transparent business practices.

a. Recursive Inc.'s AI predicts climate impacts, aiding sustainable development and energy efficiency.

AI for Sustainable Development


b. AI integration maximizes energy efficiency at SCGC, aligning with carbon neutrality commitments.

a. Global EV initiatives surge, driven by emission reduction goals and standardized charging infrastructure.

EV Transition for Emission Reduction


b. SCGC aligns with Thailand's EV policy, contributing to the electric vehicle transition.

a. Global Biodiversity Framework gains traction, emphasizing biodiversity net gain in urban development.

Biodiversity Net Gain Focus


b. SCGC's "Plant-Cultivate-Protect" campaign exemplifies commitment to reforestation and carbon reduction.

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