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10 Green EntrepreneurS 2024



Brennan Spellacy's Patch connects developers and corporations, managing 400M+ tons of CO2.

Patch's Holistic Approach

Grace Stanke advocates nuclear power's role, bridging public understanding as Miss America 2023.

Carbon Reduction Pioneer

Atticus Francken's Econergy tackles the climate crisis, powering schools and advancing renewable solutions.

Econergy's Impact

AeonCharge, founded by Lin Sun Fa and Dwi Sutandar, simplifies EV charging with a $60M valuation.

Revolutionizing EV Charging

Mariana Garza and Marley Rafson's Alcove powers hundreds of thousands of credits, raising $4M.

Carbon Credit Commercialization

Amy Andrews at BP leads low-carbon hydrogen projects, saving $130M and reducing carbon intensity.

Hydrogen Innovation

Marissa Beatty's Turnover Labs transforms impure CO2 streams, backed by $475K for a pilot system.

CO2 Conversion Expert

Shiv Bhakta's Active Surfaces creates solar panels 100 times lighter, winning MIT and Harvard awards.

Ultra-light Solar Panels

Evoly, founded by Sami El Bouari and Hassan Lantry, turns old-gen meters smart with $4M seed funding.

Smart Utility Transformation

Vida Gabriel's Terra Fixing develops technology for megaton-scale greenhouse gas removal, backed by $7.2M.

Green Technology Pioneer

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