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10 Forecasts for MSP Sustainability Advancement in 2024: Embracing Green IT and Managed Energy Services

Enhanced Carbon and Energy Monitoring: Leading MSPs integrate monitoring into dashboards, boosting environmental and business impact.

European MSPs Excel in CSDR: Leading the charge in compliance, showcasing proficiency in regional sustainability regulations.

US MSPs Navigate Sustainability Laws: Adapting to regulations such as California's SB 253 & SEC guidelines, offering tailored compliance solutions.

Rise of Chief Sustainability Officers: More MSPs to appoint Chief Sustainability Officers, signaling a stronger dedication to environmental responsibility.

Fostering Collaboration with Chief Sustainability Officers: MSPs to partner with Chief Sustainability Officers, fostering collaborative solutions for environmental sustainability.

Involvement in Sustainable Partner Initiatives: MSPs to partner with Cisco, HP, and Workiva, integrating sustainability programs for holistic client solutions.

Embracing Green Cloud and Data Center Solutions: MSPs responding to demand will align with green cloud services and data centers, embracing renewable energy for sustainable infrastructure.

Providing IT Asset Disposition and Circular Economy Solutions: MSPs to aid clients in IT asset disposition, reducing e-waste, leveraging market growth and M&A activity in this sector.

Creation of Proprietary Sustainability Solutions: Certain MSPs will craft sustainability tools, broadening service offerings beyond IT to meet evolving sustainability demands.

Venturing into SMB Sustainability with MSP Software: MSP software providers will seek to augment RMM tools with energy monitoring, enabling SMBs to start their sustainability initiatives.

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